Houston, Texas, USA

BD Energy Systems LLC.

Houston is known for being the energy capital of the world and is home to hundreds of firms surrounding the oil and gas industry. This is why our office is located in the heart of the energy corridor where all the action happens. We are amongst the biggest energy producing companies in the world and leave our impact on Houston daily.

Milano, Lombardy, Italy

BD Energy Systems, S.R.L.

We are located in the heart of Milan, Italy which is considered to be an alpha global city, leading in multiple fields within the European Union. It has one of the largest populations in the Union and allows for us to meet with any of our partners within the European sectors.

Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

BD Energy Systems LLC.

Tulsa was once claimed as "the oil capital of the world" and since then has played a major role in the oil and gas industries. Located within its hub are major manufacturing, distributing, and gas companies that work within our field. This area allows for our team and company to spread our influence from the ground up on any projects we have coming our way.

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

BD Energy Systems

Bello Horizonte is the main economic axis for Brazil and has a wide influence of companies in their city. Traditionally one of their hubs was the metallurgical industry, which has grown to work with the oil & gas and biotechnology sectors. Belo Horizonte's government and private institutions fund a lot of its diversification of economy and research of industries already in place.