Pyrolysis Cracking Furnaces

pyrolysis-furnaces-image-278x417Steam cracking of saturated hydrocarbons is the common means for producing ethylene and propylene for the petrochemical industry. At BD Energy Systems, our engineers have experience in the design, construction, and operation of a range of steam cracking furnace technologies. Our services include:

  • Engineering and capital supply of Cracking furnaces
  • Transfer Line Exchanger (TLE) Replacement
  • Operational & Run-Length improvements
  • Radiant & Convection Section Revamp
  • Addition of Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system
  • Construction Advisory Services
  • Turnaround Planning & Scheduling
  • Start-Up & Commissioning Services
  • Process and Feasibility Studies
  • Basic Engineering Packages

The PYCOS kinetic simulation model is thoroughly proven, based on both pilot plant and operating plant experimental yield data. BD Energy Systems uses this model to provide complete firebox calculations considering radiant and convective heat transfer in conjunction with the cracking simulation, providing important parameters such as firing duty, process temperature, fireside temperature, and tube wall metal temperatures. In the following step, coking rates on the tube wall are calculated to assess coke deposition and run length. The PYCOS kinetic simulation model includes confirmation of parameters such as hydrogen balance and methane yield, which are key to the accuracy of ethylene yields.

Please click here to learn about our Super Radiant Coil (SRC) Technology which improves Ethylene furnace run-lengths and yield substantially.