Relocation Projects

BD Energy Systems, LLC is known for proven and successful relocation, upgrades and rebuilds on Steam Methane Reformers for Ammonia, Methanol, and Hydrogen plants.

The company has added experienced resources to be an Engineering, Procurement and Construction [EPC] company capable of dismantling, relocation, upgrade and rebuild services for entire Ammonia, Methanol, and Hydrogen plants.

We can provide a turnkey approach for plant relocations.


The services include the know-how to assist and develop business case pro forma to compare grassroots versus relocated facilities. Our partnership approach focuses on providing information, tools and services to meet expectations and promote successful projects.


Relocation and upgrading of existing facilities offer a number of advantages over building new plants:

  • Utilization of a known and proven design assures the plant’s production capabilities.
  • Utilization of existing equipment that has been inspected and certified as Fit for Service can provide significant savings over new equipment.
  • During the relocation and rebuild process an existing unit can be evaluated to incorporate known and proven upgrades for
    • Safety (New instrumentation to meet new codes, Evaluation of Process Safety Relief systems, new equipment and piping codes)
    • Environmental Emissions (to meet new permit limits)
    • Efficiency (Cost savings per unit of production)
    • and Capacity (Increased Production)
  • Faster timeframe to dismantle and relocate versus a new FEED design and long delivery of major equipment. This can translate into 1 to 2 ½ years of time savings – by completing and having production in operation. This speeds up the payback model and recuses the time period of paying construction interest.

BD Energy Systems, LLC has the Frontend Loading [FEL 1,2,3] and Frontend Engineering Design [FEED] experience to develop, plan and execute projects on time and on budget.

BD Energy Systems, LLC estimating personnel and models are up-to-date and have a low risk of project time and cost overruns.

With over 20+ years of individuals experience and over 90+ projects completed we have the demonstrated ability to assist you on your next relocation evaluation and project.