Turnaround Planning

040115-85With individuals having over 30 years of experience in different Steam Methane Reformers technology designs, construction, and operations, BD Energy Systems is well-suited to provide detailed planning and scheduling for plants having major turnarounds on their Steam Reformer furnaces and where these furnaces are the critical paths in the turnarounds. BD Energy Systems provides a detailed planning schedule, taking into account other equipment involved in the plant turnaround. BD Energy Systems turnaround planning services includes pre-turnaround, turnaround, and post-turnaround activities which includes sequence of arranging the furnace items in the laydown area to bringing it in an efficient way based on experience & lessons learned to execute installation with minimal time to keep track on proposed schedule.

032715-05As specialists in this field, BD Energy Systems are able to provide clients with more in-depth knowledge of the requirements of a successful turnaround unique to steam methane reformers. Having experience with a wide range of furnace designs, BD Energy Systems can offer these services to provide a smooth turnaround, from new plants experiencing their first turnaround to older plants with obscure or outdated designs.