Super Radiant Coil Technology

Super Radiant Coil (SRC) Technology Advantages:
• Increased heat transfer area / reduce volume
• Shortened residence time
• Enhanced heat transfer
• Reduced tube metal temperature
• Reduced coking rate / increased Run Length
• Reduced selectivity loss during the run length
• Avoidance of tube plugging

Design Principle
The Super Radiant Coil (SRC) cracking tube technology utilizes a larger diameter cracking tube equipped with an internal device. Heat transfer is enhanced with radiation from the inner surface of the outer tube to the internal device. This heat is then transferred to the cracking gas by convection. This effectively reduces the heat transferred to the cracking gas through the outer tube ID film. Combined with increased area of a larger diameter outer tube the flux rate through the film is drastically reduced, and consequently, the temperature drop across the film layer is also dramatically reduced. This reduces the degree of over-cracking and coke deposition on the inside of the tube. The metal temperature of the internal device is 175°F (80°C) lower than the temperature of the outer tube, and the coke deposition over its surface is negligible.