TGM – Tube Growth Monitor System

tgmThe Tube Growth Monitor (TGM) system measures the thermal expansion of reformer tubes, giving accurate information regarding operating conditions relative to tube metal temperatures. Further, because the TGM system detects changes in reformer tube metal temperatures earlier than conventional instrumentation that provides feedback to the DCS, the TGM system alarm trips before dangerous levels are reached. With early detection, this allows for effective protection against tube overheating incidents, provided operators respond appropriately to the information fed by the TGM to the DCS in a timely manner. The TGM temperature alarms are readily apparent to plant operators and will prompt immediate action.

tgm-1Use of the TGM data management software allows the reformer operator to more effectively utilize collected data in optimizing the CAPEX plan and OPEX maintenance budget. When analyzing the data that the TGM sends to the DCS and proprietary software, one can detect areas within the radiant box that are operating at higher than normal temperatures. In turn, this information can assist in determining which tubes require inspection or potential replacement before a turn-around begins, potentially saving thousands in expenses during turn-around activities alone, and this can likewise have a profound economic impact in the avoidance of tube failures during operation.


  • Real time catalyst tube overheating detection
  • Burner monitoring for any flame impingements on tubes
  • Efficient tube replacement decisions using real data
  • Root cause identification
  • Optimization of Steam Reformer operation
  • Easy detection of hot spots
  • Highly visible to operators for reference
  • Optimization of inspection by focusing on problem areas detected