Tunnel optimal

Tunnel optimal

What is Tunnel Optimal Performance?

We are revolutionizing the tunnel system landscape with our groundbreaking technology, Tunnel Optimal Performance (TOP). Traditional tunnel systems in down-fired reformers often suffer from non-uniform flue gas flow, leading to uneven catalyst tube temperatures and accelerated aging. This disparity in performance results in a wide range of tube lifespans, with some lasting over 20 years while others fail prematurely. Additionally, problem locations can develop, causing rapid degradation and necessitating frequent tube replacements.

However, with our innovative TOP technology, these limitations are overcome. By implementing our patent-pending flow control techniques, we achieve near-uniform flue gas flow and tube temperatures throughout the radiant firebox. This breakthrough ensures consistent performance, extending the lifespan of the tubes and mitigating the need for frequent replacements.



What are the advantages of Tunnel Optimal Performance?

The benefits of our TOP technology are significant. By eliminating non-uniform flow, we minimize temperature imbalances, turbulence, and energy losses, Which optimizes heat transfer and reduces thermal stresses, significantly reducing the aging and degradation of tubes. This translates to improved reliability, longer tube lifespans, and enhanced operational efficiency.

In addition, if the furnace has to be controlled to the hottest catalyst tube, TOP can ensure that all the tubes are the same temperature, allowing all the tubes to operate at the same methane slip, maximizing syngas production. In actual installation, this has led to a 3% increase in capacity.

Also important is the installation of the tunnels in a reformer furnace. We partner
with Blasch Precision Ceramics and their StaBlox system which incorporates a series
of stackable interlocking blocks, without the need for mortar or discrete expansion
joints for mechanical integrity. As a result, these tunnels can be installed in a fraction
of the time, and don’t cause any increase in schedule for a typical radiant coil
replacement turnaround.

We are committed to developing innovative solutions that address industry
challenges and improve overall performance. With our TOP technology, we offer a transformative approach to tunnel systems, delivering superior results and long- term value for our clients.