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Steam Methane Reformer &
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What is a Steam Methane Reformer?

Steam methane reforming (SMR) is a chemical process used to produce hydrogen rich synthesis gas (syngas) from suitable hydrocarbon feedstocks including natural gas, biogas, naphtha, and process off gases. This endothermic process involves catalytically reacting methane and other hydrocarbon contents of the feedstock gas with steam at high temperatures and required pressures to produce a mixture of hydrogen, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, called syngas. The syngas is processed further and synthesized into an end-product, e.g. Ammonia, Methanol, Hydrogen or GTL via syngas preparation and product synthesis sections. Being endothermic, the SMR is accomplished either in a fired furnace only, in an adiabatic vessel (autothermal) or using a combination of the two reforming steps, as best fit for each product. The SMR section is always the most critical part of the process from efficiency, process integration, reliability, and project execution point of view.


Steam Methane Reforming has proven to be the most cost-effective technology as well as being energy efficient, with high product conversion and reliable performance for producing syngas. We have technological options to provide reliable, upgraded SMR for revamp as well as grassroot projects. BDES expertise encompasses all types of SMRs. Our offering covers all the syngas products including the following technology features:

• Upgraded process for Blue hydrogen, Blue methanol, Blue ammonia projects with ability to upgrade its fuel system and deliver the CO2 produced in plant as a by-product of sequestrable or usable quality.


• Upgrade the SMR process to accommodate the import of renewable hydrogen, bio syngas, or bio natural gas.


• Upgrade the SMR process to use renewable electrical power, also optimize steam balance to suit.


• Upgrade the existing furnace to reduce NOx emissions.


• Incorporate our convection heated reforming or adiabatic reforming to meet project goals like decarbonization.


• Incorporate our Tube Growth Monitoring or TGM® technology fur furnace monitoring where applicable.


• Incorporate an upgraded tunnel system.


• Incorporate feed gas saturator system as an option to recover flue gas heat and optimize steam balance.


• Provide Micro-SMR technology for syngas/hydrogen as well as ammonia cracking applications, most reliable cost-effective modular product that requires least maintenance and operations attention.


Steam Methane Reforming (SMR) technology remains our core market with our engineers having extensive experience encompassing process design, detailed engineering, and construction expertise of all major technology licensors. BD Energy Systems has executed more than 90 steam methane reformer projects which include lump-sum revamp and turn-key EPC projects and cover a full range of equipment supply and services. In addition to the traditional SMR technology, BDES has developed the Micro Steam Methane Reformer Technology. This new technology Micro-SMR is highly customizable, making it an ideal solution for your remote, mobile, or smaller reforming


Introducing Micro-SMR Technology

Flexible, Eco-Friendly, and Economically Viable, our Micro-SMR technology revolutionizes traditional SMR technology by offering a smaller and modular version. By utilizing smaller components, it becomes highly adaptable to different spaces and dimensions, making it an excellent fit for a wide range of applications. The flexibility of Micro-SMR technology allows for easy scaling, enabling customizable outputs. This makes it an ideal solution for smaller industrial, remote, mobile applications and distributed energy systems that require a modular approach. One of its primary applications is the production of environmentally friendly hydrogen fuel, which can power various vehicles and equipment.

The use of Micro-SMR technology for hydrogen production brings significant environmental benefits. Unlike conventional fuels such as diesel, HFO, LNG, and LPG, hydrogen produces no greenhouse gas emissions when burned. Its only byproduct is water, making it a compelling alternative. By employing Micro-SMR technology, carbon dioxide emissions associated with traditional SMR technology can be significantly reduced. This plays a crucial role in curbing greenhouse gas emissions and combating climate change.

The modular design of Micro-SMR technology adds to its versatility. It can be tailored to specific dimensions and constraints, making it suitable for settings with limited space or difficult access. This precision in design leads to improved accuracy in achieving target goals, minimizing waste, and enhancing overall efficiency. In addition to its environmental advantages, Micro-SMR technology offers promising economic benefits. As the demand for hydrogen as a fuel source grows in industries like transportation and energy production, this technology is poised to meet the market needs. Its modular design and flexible output make Micro-SMR a cost-effective and efficient solution for hydrogen production.

Experience the power of Micro-SMR technology - a game-changer in the realm of sustainable energy solutions. With its flexibility, eco-friendliness, and economic potential, it is paving the way for a greener and more prosperous future.

Rest assured that with our team of experts, your relocated equipment will be swiftly operational, delivering optimal performance and generating favorable results for your business.


How can we apply our Micro- SMR for you

Micro-SMR technology stands out with its versatility and modular design, making it an optimal solution for a wide range of applications. In the marine industry, it offers immense potential by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprints when integrated into sea-going vessels. With hydrogen as a clean fuel source, Micro- SMR technology provides an appealing alternative to traditional fuels. Moreover, Micro-SMR technology can revolutionize hydrogen production at ports, minimizing the need for costly transportation and storage. Locally generated hydrogen powers ships during docking, further reducing emissions and improving overall efficiency.

Another compelling application lies in syngas production. By leveraging the same process used for hydrogen production, Micro-SMR technology enables the generation of syngas for various industrial processes.

Oil Crude Gas Tanker Ship, Cargo container Ship offshore mooring at Ocean Bay Petroleum Chemical export import transportation and logistics, Oil leak from Ship, industrial petroleum products Vessel
Oil Crude Gas Tanker Ship, Cargo container Ship offshore mooring at Ocean Bay Petroleum Chemical export import transportation and logistics, Oil leak from Ship, industrial petroleum products Vessel

why choose Micro-SMR?

Both Steam Methane Reformers (SMRs) and the innovative Micro-Steam Methane Reformers (Micro-SMRs) hold immense promise in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and fostering sustainability across diverse industries and applications. Our team of experts is ready to assist you in exploring how these technologies can meet your reformer requirements. Reach out to us today to start the conversation.